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By: Arthur Mavericck
So, you are 14 years old and dream of becoming a teen model? Well this is where we tell you what you need to know in order to become one. Teen models who prepare well in advance for their sojourn into the modeling world also understand that professional shot model portfolio and cautious decision making can take you places. Teen modeling industry is extremely competitive and requires a great deal of hard work and dedication. So put on your best modeling expression and read onÖ

Well, if truth be told, there are models that canít be categorized as beautiful or even attractive. Yet they represent the biggest names in the fashion industry and have fledging careers. How do they manage it? The answer lies in breaking the stereotypes. Whether you consider teen models, ramp models, or print models, modeling as a career option is full of stereotypes that include fair skin, blonde hair, a perfect figure, long legs, etc. But really, the most important thing about modeling is that you need to be dedicated, smart, and perseverant. Donít get swayed by the glamour, the glitz, and the green. Look behind these to see the sweat, the tears, and the competition.

Modeling just doesnít mean ramp or print modeling. There are several types and various levels to it. Teen models have an advantage; that of an early start. However, you can rest on your experience as a teen model. You must also make sure your tools are in place. A professional shot, creatively presented model portfolio has got to be the most important tool for any model. When auditioning for teen modeling jobs, make sure you keep your expectations realistic and confidence level up. One rejection is really not the end of the world. So donít feel discouraged.

Teen models need to be skilled at balancing the various aspects of their lives. From school to work to family, you need to be able to manage them all and with dexterity. The MANTRA to becoming successful child models is remembering the 4 Dís that stand for Desire, Dedication, Determination, and last but not the least, Devotion.

Being prepared for any eventuality such as traveling alone, new places, getting lost, losing your baggage, etc can really pull you down as a teen. However, you can take your sibling or parent along with you so that you get help and company as well. Since teen models are young, they may feel over-awed by the enormity of some situations. But donít let that pull you down. Stay positive.

By returning any missed calls, you are able to explore possible modeling opportunities which may be available to you. If you donít carry a cell phone, returning calls promptly is very important. So donít forget about it.
As in any other industry, professionalism can take you places. Professional teen models have better chances of getting big projects than those child models that have laid back attitude. Whenever you go for a meeting, wear a business suit, carry your updated model portfolio, act professionally, and speak in the right language. Donít use slangs or profanity.

Finally, when you act in the proper manner, you make the right friends and are more likely to get more work.

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