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By: Arthur Mavericck
Modeling, whether on ramp or for advertisements have always lured women from all walks of life and over the years the industry has changed a lot. Today, you can even start a career as teen models and create a strong model portfolio by the time you hit 25 years. New faces, catwalk, new fashion styles, and great pay are some of the aspects of modeling the world over. In fact, the pay package for a model has increased over the years and the amount of opportunities available has increased multifold. If you think you have it in you then you can check out online model world for an opportunity of a lifetime.

The important question is how will you get into the bandwagon of teen models and enter the modeling market. First things first, you will need to fulfill certain requirements of a modeling agency or online model studios. Some of the important or critical requirements include:

1. You will need to send your photographs and model portfolio to the modeling agency. The photographs should include l headshot, l body shot, l 3/4 shot.
2. These photographs don’t necessarily need to be professional photos. You can send photographs taken in a studio, outdoors or even in your house.
3. The photographs taken by you need to be according to the type of modeling you are interested in pursuing. The different types of modeling include fashion modeling (the most famous and popular), Bodypart modeling, commercial modeling, and glamour modeling.
4. Teen models are mostly preferred for fashion modeling and commercial modeling.
5. There are different types of fashion modeling like fashion editorial modeling, fashion runaway modeling, catalog modeling, show room modeling, print modeling, lingerie modeling, tearoom modeling, and fashion fit modeling.
6. Different types of modeling have different requirements and you will need to have a strong model portfolio to showcase why you are the best choice.
7. A very important aspect of becoming a model is your personality – not the physical personality but personality on the whole. This will include you height, your weight, your vital statistics, your smile, your complexion, your bone structure, your eyes, nose, ears, hair, and much more.
8. There is a lot of stress also on various characteristics especially for teen models like charm, charisma, intelligence, self esteem, ambition, hard working, organized and much more. These will help in determining your selection as a model.

One of the best places to start your teen models career is at the Online Model World. It is quite simple as you will need a model portfolio and a single model online account to start with. There are several benefits of having a single model online account including:

• You will be able to post your model portfolio or profile.
• You will have full access to all their clients
• You will be able to apply for various modeling jobs on their website and you can earn anywhere from $100-$500 per hour.
• You will be able to upload unlimited images as well as videos.
• You will have your own teen models web page that can even be customized

Teen modeling is fun, so why not check out your options?

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