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By: Arthur Mavericck
Teenagers who want to do modeling jobs must compile a model portfolio. Usually the covering or casing of a portfolio is made of leather to achieve the sophisticated feel. Its case is usually large enough to frame large photos yet thin enough to be carried around. The most important element of the portfolio though is not its casing but the contents that should include photographs of the teen models showcasing their best features and abilities. It is also preferable to include in the portfolio previous modeling stints that would highlight their ability to model. It must exude professionalism and be chic at the same time.

Teen models that have the intention to specialize in advertisement campaigns must include in their model portfolio photos that emphasize their ability to role play. These photos should include shots where they act out characters that endorse certain products. Their dispositions, emotions, stances, and facial expressions should capture and convey whatever message is intended to be sent to consumers. Their photographs should show their versatility and flexibility by presenting them in different attires and even ages. These images should focus on the product and demonstrate how they compliment and complement the products that they are endorsing. If they have great smiles, then the portfolio must include pictures where they promote toothpaste and other dental brands.

A model portfolio is very useful to teen models who would like to penetrate glamorous modeling because they could exhibit their exquisite face and young physique. In glamorous modeling, the beauty of the models is very important because it is all about them and not any product. Photos in the portfolio should exhibit the beauty of the teen models by maximizing light and cosmetics to highlight their best facial features or by using their best features as the focal points of all the shots. Their portfolio must have front and side view shot photos. They may even be photographed in all impressive positions that would compliment their physique. If they look beautiful standing in front of a blank white wall, then their model portfolio should include such photographs.

The teen models may also use their model portfolio to land a job with companies that sell their products through mail by perusing shots where they are wearing or presenting the products that are promoted by these catalogues. Since catalogues are printed or visual materials, these pictures would somehow give a sample as to how the catalogues would look like with them as the models. This will give the clients an initial feel as to what the effect is if they would take them in as their catalogue models. With these photos they would be able to amplify on their ability to look good in or with their brands. Furthermore, it will also showcase their capability to make the product more attractive to the prospective customers. The point that the included pictures in the model portfolio should make is that with the teen models there would be greater positive feedback from the viewers thus resulting to greater sales.

If you are one of the who would like to make a mark in the modeling industry, better start building up your
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