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By: Danette Mckay
If you are like me then you like photography and you also have a nostalgic feeling toward printed photos. You print your photos using a photo printing service that you like and enjoy getting those new digital prints by mail from time to time.

Photography has significantly changed since the digital camera was introduced to the market. Instant satisfaction and a practically zero cost of taking photos changed the way photographer and consumers behave. But there is something nostalgic about holding a paper photo print in your hand and many consumers still end up taking their digital photos and turning them into old fashion photo prints. There are a few ways to print digital photos. You can print them at home assuming you own a photo printer. You can go to the local photo printing service and have them printed most likely in an hour or on the same day. Or you can choose to do what I do and that is upload them to an online photo printing service and have that service print and mail them to you.

There are many of Internet based digital photo printing services. One of the oldest ones and the best ones is Snapfish. As a Snapfish user myself I have a special love to their service. Snapfish is easy to use their prints quality is great their customer service should you need to contact them is great and the prices are also pretty good. The company used to be a small startup out of San Francisco but was later on acquired by the giant technology company Hewlett Packard also known as HP. HP is known for its lead in printing technology and it seems that its acquisition of Snapfish just emphasizes its believe in Snapfish quality and ability to become the leading online digital photo printing service.

So if you are using Snapfish too or maybe another service that you prefer the question that is asked is should you stick with that service or should you keep looking for better prices or maybe better quality services? There is no correct answer to that question. In many ways this is a generic consumer question do you stay loyal to a brand or do you try to change? For me the answer depends on a few factors. First is the quantity of photo prints that you print. If you just print a few prints every now and then as a casual photographer than the price is not likely to be very important. The difference per photo print between different services is very low and can only add up to significant sums when printing a very large number of photos in the hundreds or thousands or more. So if price is not the issue for you then quality would be the next thing to look at. If you are an amateur photographer or a consumer taking casual photos then simply look at the prints and decide if they are good enough. You should not waste time on professionally assessing them as it is not that important for you. As long as you are satisfied with the prints in an subjective way it is ok to keep using the same service.
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