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By: Danette Mckay
Shopping is something most people enjoy. In the past people used to go to brick and mortar shops to find what they needed. The saying Shop until you Drop was a visualization of such a process where someone would literally drop from being tired from too much shopping.

The Internet has changed the way people shop. No longer is there a real necessity to drag yourself to the local mall or shop street in order to find and buy what you needed. No longer do you need to spend time physically visiting a few stores in order to compare prices and terms for buying the same product. No longer do you need to go to the store to get information about a product or to check what products are available for you.

Using the Internet the shopping experience not only became easier and faster it also became more thorough shifting the power from the retailer to the consumer. In the past if you wanted to buy a television for example you had a few limited options. You could drive to stores in a short distance radius from your home and check their inventory. After comparing their prices and the television sets they carried you had to make a decision. The Internet has completely changed that. If you are in the market for a new television set you can now get information about practically every television set that is available on earth. You can get price quotes from as many retailers as you like and compare and eventually make your buying decision. All this can be done from the comfort of your home or office any time of day any day of week and with modern mobile devices that provide access to the Internet nowadays it can also be done not just anytime but also anywhere that you are that have cellular reception.

Shopping on the Internet obviously have drawbacks too. Some products require a physical interaction in order to assess and decide about their quality and if you would like to buy them. Clothes is one great example of products that are still hard to shop for online. The reason is that it is very hard for most of us to imagine how clothes feel how the color looks in real life and the biggest problem how they fit on you. Color is a problem with many products as the photo seen on a computer screen is usually a tad distorted relative to the product color in real life. Some online stores are trying to overcome these limitations by using sophisticated technology to try to help consumers visualize and feel the product. For example some sophisticated technology allows you to enter your body measurements and then see a three dimensional representation of how you would look like wearing any clothes you choose on the online store. Another way to overcome this problem is by providing relaxed return terms for products shopped for online. For example if the clothes do not fit or are not good for any reason some shops allow consumers to return them for a full refund either by mail or by going to the local store.
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