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By: Danette Mckay
Everybody is talking about the economy. Yes it is in a very bad shape and it is probably going to get much worse before it gets better. But like everything in life the bad also has something good to offer and these are low prices for consumers.

The economy is bad. Businesses are closing and companies are struggling to survive. The biggest problem for retailers right now is that consumers are just not buying. Regardless of why consumers are not buying this fact is hurting the retail business in a very dramatic way. There are two problems for retailers one is dealing with current inventory and the other is dealing with their production capacity. Assuming the economy will recover the ability to keep their production capacity up and alive is important but if products are not sold they would eventually be forced to closed some of their production. Inventory is a different problem. Many products have a certain shelf life some physically get stale while others just run out of style. Many retailers are stuck with such inventory and if they can not move it to consumers its value will be completely lost.

So what is the result of all that? There are many implications but for this article there is one important implications that consumers can take advantage of. In order to move products and have more sales retailers are forced to do the one thing that is best to attract more buyers and that thing is to simply cut their prices. When it comes to getting rid of inventories they would sometime even cut the prices below their cost to minimize their lost. If you are a lucky consumers that has some residual cash to use then this is a great time to buy products that you need now or will need soon. From electronics to furniture and house hold products this is a perfect time for great deals and great savings on your purchases.

One of the industries that took a very big hit from the economy crisis is the car industry. Shopping for a car today regardless if the maker is from the US or Japan or another country is a very good experience for consumers that have the cash to buy. Car manufacturers and car dealers just can not sell their inventories or keep sales pace aligned with their production. They are trying everything they can to make sales and that means big savings for consumers. Unfortunately it is very hard to get a car loan these days but if you have the cash to buy a car and was on the market or planned to be on the market for a new car any time soon then this would be a great time to go and start your legwork for a new car at an unprecedented price.

Savings are all over. From brick and mortar stores to online stores. Although the online market behaves differently and has a different cost structure many online retailers are forced to align their prices with the brick and mortar prices and this means that these days you can also continue enjoying shopping form the comfort of your home while taking advantage of amazing prices and deals.
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