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By: Danette Mckay
There are many ways to make money online. One of them is by filling online surveys. Not many are taking advantage of that option. Here are some things you should know about online surveys.

The basic idea behind online surveys is simple: many commercial companies would like to know what consumers think. In order to do that they are running surveys. A survey is simply a method in which a company asks a random sample of people from their target market some questions and based on the results they extrapolate about their market.

For example lets say that a shoes manufacturer would like to know if the market prefers black or white shoes. Lets also assume that the target market for these shoes are men between ages of 25 to 35. In order to know the manufacturer can run a survey by asking a random sample of men between 25 to 35 a few questions about their color preferences. Based on the results they can determine what percentage of their market prefer what color.

The science behind surveys is much more complicated than the example above. A lot of statistics is involved in making sure that the survey is indeed indicative of the whole target market. But for the sake of this article this science is not important. What important is that for the companies running the surveys getting the results and better understanding the market is worth money. And since it is worth money they are willing to pay consumers for filling up those surveys.

Here is where surveys become interesting for you. If you had a way to access those surveys and suggest yourself as a potential part of the sample they are surveying you could get paid. The amount of money changes a lot but for some surveys you can get aid $50 or more. The amount of time you need to spend answering the questions varies too. Usually the longer and harder the survey the more money you can get.

Filling up paid surveys from home wont make you rich. But for a very small effort you can make some extra cash and maybe if you invest it the right way that investment can make you rich or at least well off. One way to find surveys to participate in is to simple go online and search for paid surveys. You will find plenty of web sites the offer such surveys. You will not get in touch with the companies that actually run the survey but with brokers or with companies that specifically specialize in surveys.

Another way is to join a big survey broker. Usually they will ask you many questions about who you are and what your demographic is. The reason is very simple in order to know if you fit to one of their surveys they need to know if something about you. With some of these companies you can simply fill out the form telling them some stuff about you and then they will email you each time there is a potential survey you fit to fill. You can sign up for more than one such company and decide which surveys to fill as they come.
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