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By: Vance Gay
Now is a good time to spend money. The economy is not in good shape as everybody knows which results in significant price cuts on anything from big items like houses and cars to small items like clothes and computers. If you have the cash this is the time to start purchasing.

So prices are dropping and they will stay low for a while until the economy fully recovers. Low prices are a great incentive to start making purchases buying a home or a car is a great deal now especially if you intended to be on the market for those items anyway. The problem today is that although prices are low and attractive it is very hard to take advantage of them since most people do not have the cash to spend and since getting debt now days is close to impossible.

These days are so wonderful for those of us that have the cash to spend. You can get a lot for your dollar these days with house prices falling thirty to fifty percent with car prices at their lowest point for years often sold at loss by dealers trying to clear their aging inventory. But if you do not have cash and if you have bad credit history or maybe just not the super high credit history needed in order to get loans today you are in trouble. There is hope though if you are sophisticated and aware of your options you can potentially get cheap debt even with bad credit history and use that debt to take advantage of today low prices.

Here are some ideas of how you can enjoy low prices even with bad credit history. One simple way is to reach to friends of family that do have some cash available and for whatever reason are not planning to use it right now. Although doing business with family and friends is usually a bad idea in today economy you should try and do whatever you can to improve your finances. The key to successful financial transactions with friends and family is honesty. Tell them the truth of why you want the cash make sure not to take more that they can really afford to give and make them aware of the risk. If you are not comfortable taking money from someone do not force yourself. Also always insist on paying them some interest back for their trouble even if they refuse as there is no reason why they should not get paid for their gesture it will make them feel better.

Whatever you do never put debt on your credit cards. Although some cards have tempting zero percent introductory rates and other promotions cards are usually the worst place to get debt and the fine prints of any promotion will mean that you will end up paying arms and legs for your debt. Many people assume they can not get a loan and thus just never try. There is no harm in going to your bank and applying for a loan or maybe first asking someone you know at your local branch if there is a chance such a loan will be provided. Secured loans are another way to go if you own a home and want a cheap car take some debt against home equity.
Vance Gay writes about this and many other subjects. Read more about bad credit
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