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By: Danette Mckay
Nobody really likes to buy insurance and pay its recurring payments. Most likely you will never need to use your insurance policy for any significant claim and thanks god for that. But deciding not to buy insurance can be an unwanted risk you do not want to take.

Insurance is a way for a group of people to help each other protecting each other against extreme situations. The basic idea behind insurance is simple. For any event that has a probability of happening that is less than one or in other words for any event that is not for sure to happen a group of people can collect policy payments into a common account. If the event happens to one member of the group that member has access to all the funds in that common account in order to overcome the event.

The amount of money each member of the group has to pay depends on the cost of handling the extreme event on the probability of the event happening and of course on the size of the group. Since insurance deals with situations that are usually quite rare many people look at insurance as a waste of money. The result is that at time of hardship many people to decide to give up their insurance leaving themselves exposed to high risk.

When deciding if to buy insurance or not you should consider what is the worst that can happen if you did not have insurance. For example insuring your furniture assuming you have simple Ikea furniture might not be that smart since getting new ones is not that expensive and not that urgent of life threatening. Insuring yourself against rare illnesses is smart since if god forbid you do get very sick having the money to pay for good medical care can be the difference between life and death.

When buying insurance you should shop around for the best deal possible but you should be careful not to get a too cheap of a deal. The reason is that sometimes some insurance companies would lure you to buy their insurance but when in need to file a claim you’d find out that it is practically impossible to get them to pay. Make sure that you work with a reputable insurance company that maybe does not offer the cheapest policy but that is known to respect and pay claims.

There are basic insurances that everybody should have. The most important is of course health insurance as it deals with your body and potentially with threats to your life. Other insurances to have are life insurance if you have a family car insurance if you have a car and home insurance if you have a home. Some people also choose to buy umbrella insurance also known as general liability insurance. This is really a good idea for rich people that are exposed to liability law suits. For most people though buying an umbrella insurance is not needed and does not make sense although the policy is usually very cheap.
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