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By: Danette Mckay
A credit card allows its holders to receive credit for purchases they make using the car. A monthly statement is sent for all purchases that the consumer is liable for. A secured credit card is an anomaly as its name is a paradox as it does not provide real credit.

When issuing a credit card to consumers a bank or another issuer basically provides the consumer with a line of credit. When issuing a credit card the issuer would check the consumer credit history. The application for a credit card would give the bank the right to run a credit check on the consumers which basically tells the bank how credit worthy the consumers is and how risky providing the consumers with debt is. When receiving a credit card the bank would state the limit on the card. The limit on the card is the maximum debt that can be accumulated on the bank. After the limit is reached the credit card would be refused if used.

While for most consumers there is no problem getting approval for a credit card for some consumers getting a credit card is impossible due to bad or too short credit history. For example very young people or new immigrants find it hard to get a credit card as they do not have a long credit history. Other consumers might just have a bad credit history due to whatever financial problems they suffered for in the past.

Credit cards are convenient financial tools not just for the reason of being able to have a line of credit but also for many other reasons. From the simple ease of use reason as purchases can be completed with a simple swipe of the card to being able to make online purchases over the Internet credit cards are almost a necessity in our modern society.

So how can consumers with very bad credit history get a credit card? One solution is in the form of a secured credit card. The idea behind a secured credit is simple. The bank refuses to issue a credit card since it does not wish to take the credit risk. But if someone else would agree to take the risk the bank would not care issuing the credit card. In fact the bank would like to issue the credit card as it is making commission revenues each time the credit card is used. The bank would also make interest revenues if the consumer decides not to pay his or her statements in full.

So how can a consumer find someone other than the bank to take the credit risk? The answer is simple the consumer can decide to take the credit risk by himself. This is done in the form of a secured credit card. Secured credit card simply means that the consumer deposits an amount equal to the credit card limit in a special bank controlled account. The account has a lien for the benefit of the bank. If at any time in the future the consumer would default the credit card payments the bank would be able to withdraw the secured funds and cancel the credit card.

Secured credit cards can be a good tool to start improving credit history. If a consumers obtains a secured card and keep paying the statements on time that behavior would register for his or her benefit and would help working toward a better credit history. Many banks also offer to release the secured funds after a certain period of time usually twelve months of using the credit card and paying the statements on time and in full.
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