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By: Danette Mckay
Credit card debt is a big problem in the United States. Although credit card companies love consumers that pile up charges on their credit card to a state when they can not pay off the card at the end of the month needing to rely on the credit providing by the card issuer such debt is one of the worst kinds of debts that consumer can accumulate.

Credit cards are a very convenient tool for making purchases either in the real brick and mortar world or in the virtual Internet cyber world. While many consumers use their credit cards responsibly some are just simply irresponsible or are too weak to manage their credit card charges correctly. Irresponsible usage of a credit card simply mean that those consumers charge on their card more than they can really afford. As opposed to using cash where if you run out of it you simply can not buy any more goods when using credit cards as long as your charges do not exceed the credit card limit you can continue spending. The credit card limit unfortunately is not really controlled by consumers. Credit card routinely increase that limit without consumers asking for it.

The problem with using a credit card for charges you can not really afford is that the credit card judgment day does come and it comes once a month. Many consumers are surprised by how much they have spent on their card during a single month. They get the monthly statement and the first reaction is that there must be some error it just can not be. The problem is that physiologically when you make relatively small purchases many times you do not get a sense of what the total would be and when you get your statement with that total you usually just can not believe it could be true.

For consumers that can not control or track their charges on a continuous base there are some solutions that they can use. One is to call your credit card company and ask them to lower the limit on your card. Some companies will try to tell you that they can not do it or to convince you why this is a bad thing to do. Simply insist and eventually the decrease will be implanted. Set the limit to a number over which you can not afford to spend. When you try to charge your card for charges you can not afford anymore your limit would be exceeded and the card would not go through.

You should be careful though as setting the credit card limit to avoid over charging should be a last resort for people that can not really control their charges in any other way. You credit rating as well as some penalties imposed by some credit card companies might be at stake. When deciding to use the credit card limit as a way to avoid over charging your card make sure first that you call the credit card company to check what happens if you try to charge an already saturated card. If they impose no fines and do not make any reporting to the credit card bureaus then you are fine. If they do simply try another company.
Danette Mckay writes about this and many other subjects. Read more about credit card, debit card, secured card, unsecured card, mastercard, american express, debt, credit, bad credit
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