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By: Danette Mckay
There are many reasons why you would like to photograph your home. No matter what the reason is there are a few simple tips you can follow in order to get better quality home photos that look like photos taken by professional photographers. This article lists few such tips.

The most common reason for taking photos of your home is when planning to sell it. With the proliferation of online real estate web sites having high quality photos of your home can help attracting potential buyers. In addition to selling your home there are many other reasons to photograph it. Examples of such reasons are when moving to a new home you can take photos as a memory for how the home looked like when you moved in. Another reason is for sending your home photos to your friends and family. Yet another reason to take photos of your home is to compare the condition of the home before and after doing some renovation work on it.

Regardless of why you are taking photos of your home you can improve those photos by simply following a few easy tips. The result will be better quality and more impressive photos of your home that look like photos taken by professional photographers. Here are a number of such tips:

Lighting – Follow outdoor good photography lighting rules. Avoid taking photos of your home on a very bright day. Bright days result in photos that look overexposed. Bright days also result in photos that include more shadows and are less detailed. It is better to take photos of your home during early morning hours, late afternoon hours or when there is overcast.

Composition – Homes are big objects and sometimes photographers tend to fill the photo with just the home. It is better to include other objects in your home photo in addition to the home itself. For example you can have a tree in the photo or the walkway to your home entrance. These objects will help the viewer visualize the size of your home and put it in some perspective.

Photo angle – Your home photo will look more impressive if taken from a lower angle than usual. To help you find the perfect angle for your home photo simply take a few photos from different angles. Take the photos while you are standing, sitting or even lying on the floor. Later on you can choose the photo that looks the best.

Focus on unique details – Most homes have some unique details. Such details can include for example special art work, curves, arches or other architectural elements. Take extra zoom photos of such details to emphasize their value to the viewer.

Do not forget the interior –Take photographs of the home interior too. When photographing the home interior avoid using flash as it distorts the natural colors and make photos look colder. Use a tripod and a longer exposure time if needed. If you must use flash (for example when shooting in a basement) use an external flash unit and point it to the ceiling to create a bounce flash effect.
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