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By: Danette Mckay
Green is the new twenty first century movement. From green energy to green supermarket bags everything around us becomes friendlier to the environment. Printers are no exception and learning about how to achieve green printing is important.

Old photo printing in the film days used a process that involved a few different chemicals. In the process of manufacturing those chemicals a lot of bad chemicals were released into the environment. Photo printing involved using dirty chemicals and energy. In today digital era photo printing seems cleaner. Consumers can purchase cheap printers that are nice white and clean and quickly print photos at the comfort of their homes.

But digital photo printing at home although seems clean is not clear or green at all. There are many elements that make photo printing bad to the environment. The printer machine is made from plastic and other elements that are mostly produced from oil and other dirty components. Printing involves materials that include paper and ink. And of course the last component is energy. Printing requires electrical energy to move the printing heads and roll the paper.

There are ways in which each of us who is printing digital photos at home can help make photo printing better to the environment. The first and most effective thing to do is obviously just not print. Since photo printing at home is cheap and quick we are many times too fast to print photos for no real reason. Photos that are printed are used for a short while and then thrown away to the trash. So the most important thing to do is to think twice before printing. If you do not really need the printed photo just do not print it. You can view digital photos on computer screens and even right on the digital camera screen.

Recycling is important when it comes to digital photo printing. From the printer itself to the paper prints and the ink every component can and should be recycled. When a printer breaks or is simply too old and is replaced with a newer model do not just throw it to the thrash. If it still works you can sell it or just donate it. This way you will allow another person to enjoy it while helping the environment. If you can not sell it or donate it than give it to one of the many recycling centers. HP and other printer manufacturers are committed to recycling their products and provide simple ways for consumers to send back their used products for recycling.

Photo prints can be recycled too when not needed anymore. Throwing paper to the trash is irresponsible. Photo prints paper should be thrown to the correct recycling bins in order for it to be efficiently recycled into some other paper product. One component that many consumers forget to recycle is the ink cartridge. Ink is made of chemicals and is bad for the environment. The cartridge is made of plastic that can be easily recycled and with many cartridges even simply filled with new ink and resold. Recycling cartridges is easy and actually in many cases even profitable. Office Depot for example offers a rebate for many ink cartridges that are returned. So if you end up throw those cartridges to the garbage you are not only harming the environment you are also simply throwing money to the trash.
This article and more are from Danette Mckay who is an expert in his field. photo printing provides more in depth information.
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