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By: Danette Mckay
The economy is not doing well to say the least. In these days when everybody has less money to spend being able to find cheaper way to go along your usual business is important. There are many ways to save on your digital photo printing.

One obvious way to save on digital photo printing is by just not printing. While many digital photo printings are a must many others are a luxury. Many consumers end up printing digital photos just because they are used to using paper photo prints or just because they find photo papers easier to use. In time of economy crisis you can save money by just not printing photos. There are many digital ways to look at your photos that are practically free. You can look at digital photos on your digital camera screen or on the much better computer screen by simply attaching the camera to the computer or plugging in its memory card to the computer.

If the computer screen is not good enough you can also view digital photos on your much bigger television screen. This can be done by either connecting your digital camera composite output to the television a feature supported by many digital cameras or by connecting your personal computer to the television. Digital photo files have an infinite lifespan. This simply means that you can always print your digital photos in the future if you like to when the economy gets better and when you have some more residual cash to spend.

But sometimes digital photos must be printed. While this is many times the case for businesses this is also sometimes the case for consumes. For example many government agencies require you to bring a photo when submitting some forms or if you are trying to sell a home or a car having their high quality printed photo on the advertisements can surely help a lot. So how can you save on printing those digital photos that you must print although you do not really like to and do not really like to spend much money on?

One way to save on digital photo printing is to use many online services free introductory prints. Almost all online photo printing services provide new users with a number of free prints ranging from just a few to tens or even a hundred. Take advantage of such introductory packages. Once you exhausted all the free introductory deals your next step would be to compare prices. While you can manually go to each online photo printing site and check their prices and compare there are a few shopping web sites that provide you with a current price comparison for tens of sites in less than a second. Prices change all the time so make sure to periodically check if there is a better deal online.

Many photo printing services also offer seasonal discounts and coupons. Look for those on their sites register to their mailing list to get those coupons or check some shopping sites that list coupons for consumers. Another way to save on photo printing is by enjoying economy of scales. Some photo printing services provide discounts if you print a large quantity of prints. So instead of printing just a few photos each time wait to accumulate a larger number of photos and then print the complete batch at once. This would save money as each print cost could be discounted and also shopping cost is spread over a larger number of prints.
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