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By: Danette Mckay
There are plenty of photo printing services available today. Some are online some are brick and mortar stores and some are a combination of both. With low printing prices are all these services good businesses?

As a user of photo printing services you might not care much if the photo printing service is a good business or not. Indirectly though this is an important question for you too since bad businesses tend to close down thus eventually if photo printing services can not do well business wise you will not have many options for getting those cheap photo prints.

Photo printing services are a relatively old Internet based business. In the early days photo printing services were hard to use mainly because of low upstream bandwidth that resulted in very long upload time making printing a large number of photos a long and tedious process. Today with high bandwidth broadband and better online tools uploading a large number of photos is relatively fast and easy. In addition advanced online technologies like Java and Ajax make online tools that allow some basic photo processing a reality. All in all being able to upload photos in an easy and fast fashion and then make some minimal processing such as cropping rotating and red eye removal made photo printing services mushroom with many new starting.

With the increase in the number of photo printing services also increased the competition for better and faster services and lower prices. If in the early days for example the photo sharing feature provided by those services was limited in time and the number of photos competition and technology forced photo printing services today to offer unlimited photo sharing for their users even for those users who never buy a a single photo print.

With more free features and dropping photo printing prices the photo printing services found themselves with less revenues and more cost. To stay profitable they had to find new ways to generate extra revenues. One way in which photo printing services are generating new services is through the placement of advertisements on their sites. Taking advantage of low server and storage cost and the increase in their photo sharing feature some photo printing services embed advertisements on their photo sharing pages thus generating revenues to help cover the cost of the free photo sharing feature and even generate extra profits.

Another way in which photo printing services are generating more money is by introducing new products that are unique and different from their competitors and that they can charge higher prices for. For example some photo printing services started to offer gifts with personalized photos printed on them. One of the most common gifts is a coffee mug that has any photo or a few photos printed on it. Users can buy the gift wrap it and ship it anywhere they like. Such specialized products are more expensive and users are willing to pay more for them thus generating higher profit margins for the photo printing service.
Danette Mckay is a well known author. Read more here photo printing about this and other subject.
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