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By: Danette Mckay
Digital photos can be printed in many different ways. One way is to mail them to a photo printing service while another way is to simply print them at home using a home photo printer or a standard home color printer.

Printing digital photos at home is an option that has its advantages and disadvantages. For a start it is the most convenient solution and the most immediate one too as the photo prints are ready a very short time after hitting the Print button. But printing many digital photos at home can cost a significant amount of money and can end up being pretty costly. Using a high quality digital photo printer combined with high quality photo paper is not cheap. Even with a high price tag printing photos at home hits a quality glass ceiling. Digital photos printed at home are not as good as digital photos printed on expensive commercial photo printer devices.

Printing digital photos at home is a good choice for occasional prints or for digital prints to share with friends and family. The convenience of printing digital photos at home is well worth the not as perfect quality and the price tag. But if you need to print a large number of digital photos and also looking for high quality sending the photos to a professional digital photos printing service is a better choice.

One of the challenges of digital photo printing is adjusting colors. In simple words it is very hard to correlate between the colors seen on the LCD screen when previewing the digital photos and the colors printed on the photo print paper. There are many reasons for that the core issue is that digital photos store color information in a different format that of how photo printing communicate color. Profession photo printers spend a significant amount of time and money on the task of perfecting the conversion process of color from digital photo files to printing information. When printing at home however that task cannot be done as well as it is done professionally. For that reason digital photos printed at home are usually of lesser quality when it comes to colors.

Paper is an important ingredient of digital photo prints. Choosing the correct photo print paper for a photo printer is crucial for achieving high quality prints. Each photo printer can use many types of photo paper. Different photo papers vary in weight, thickness, whiteness and of course price. To get the best photo prints the correct and highest possible quality photo paper should be used. Professional printing services usually know which photo paper to use and choose high quality photo paper. When printing at home it is harder to know and to buy the correct paper which results in less quality prints.

Home printing is a good choice for amateur photographers just looking to get their photos experience on paper or looking to use digital photo prints in order to share a moment with friends and family. Printing at home is a good solution when in need to print a small number of photos fast and conveniently. But when in need to print a larger number of photo prints and when looking for higher quality using a digital photo printing service is a better choice.
Danette Mckay writes about this and many other subjects. Read more about photo printing
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