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By: Danette Mckay
There are many good reasons for taking digital photos of your home. Regardless of the reason using the new Canon Digital SLR the right way can yield great photos that will lighten the good quality of your home. Here are some tips for taking such quality photos with the Canon Digital SLR.

One good reason for taking home photos is when you are trying to sell your home. Adding photos to your home listing can help sell the home faster and get more money for it. And using the Canon Digital SLR you can get great photos that will better the listing even more. Other reasons for taking photos of your home are for saving memories of your home when moving away or before doing major changes, for sending photos to friends and family showing them where and how you live or to keep track of changes and conditions of your home as time goes by.

There are a few tips that you should follow when taking photos of your home. These easy to follow tips will make sure that the photos you take are of professional quality and will impress whoever is going to look at them:

As always lighting is very important in any photography. Although the Canon Digital SLR has good automatic modes and lighting sensors you should always use your discretion and follow good photography practices for outdoor photography. For example do not take the photos when very bright as your photos will look overexposed, white and with many shadows that look bad. Early mornings are usually the best time of the day to take outdoor photos or late afternoon.

Composition is the second thing to watch for. You can use the Canon Digital SLR viewfinder to check how the photo will look like and after taking it the LCD screen to review your composition and correct it as needed. Homes are big objects and sometimes it is hard to take one picture that captures the whole home and also does justice. Try to include other objects in the photo to give some size proportion such objects can be people, a car, a chair, a table and so on.

A home photo will look better if it is taken at a lower angle than normal photos are taken from. To achieve such a dramatic effect lean down or even lie down on the ground when taking the photo. Play around with different angles and see which one looks best.

Try to emphasize what is unique about your house by focusing on those features. For example if there are architectural elements unique to your home take a few pictures of them and maybe one that zooms in on them and shows them in details.

The home interior is important too. Do not just take photos of the home from the ourside but also go inside and methodically take interior photos. Follow the same lighting and composition rules, take overview pictures of the interior space but also zoom in photos on specific unique features. The interior can be darker and sometimes the Canon Digital SLR flash is needed. Although flash can help it is usually better to avoid using it. If needed use a tripod for longer exposure.
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