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By: Danette Mckay
A picture is worth a thousand words and in the digital era a picture is worth even a million or two. Good digital photos can help you sell products and also raise the price you get in those sales. Digital photos are not limited to paper prints but can be posted on web sites, blogs, email newsletters and so on. They are also immediate as the time from taking a photo to posting it can be literally almost zero.

Look around at web sites which one are fun to look at? Which one do you leave fast and which one do you dwell on? Usually the web sites that have more graphics and photos are more fun and users like to use them more as opposed to web sites that are purely text based. The same is true for product listings the ones with more graphics and digital photos in them are more appealing to users and users tend to look at them in greater details and spend more time on them. Otherwise text based product listings get less attention.

Imagine that you are looking to buy a new digital SLR camera. You go online and search for it and you end up at a web site that has lots of information about the new Olympus Digital SLR camera everything from specifications, reviews, user guides, manuals and so on. But the site is text based. You would probably look at it, appreciate it but then go back and move to the next web based that also has some camera photos on in it.

That behavior is not unique to you. Most consumers behave the same way as our brains prefer to look at pictures than long text. Also in these days especially in the Internet era we all expect instant satisfaction and text does not satisfy it. The best thing to do in order to get users attention is to present a few high quality digital photos of the product in this case a digital camera and also a few snippets of its main important features.

But simply adding digital photos to a web site does not work. The quality of the digital photos in terms of photography quality and composition is critical. The same way that a good digital photo can help sell a product a bad digital photo can put a hurdle on selling a product. Here are some tips for how you can make sure that your product digital photos are of high quality and will actually help selling the product:

Variety is important. Take photos of the product from a few angles, zoomed in and out, in different modes and so on to give the user the full impression of the product and its abilities. Follow the regular photography rules of lighting and composition a good product digital photo is first a digital photo and only second a product photo.

With product digital photos keep the background simple and clean. The focus should be on the product and not on the background. Noisy background draws the viewer attention away from the product. Usually a simple gray product will do.

The digital photos will be accompanied by some text snippets. Make sure that the digital photos support the text. For example of the text emphasize the camera easy to use zoon buttons, have a photo that clearly shows those.
Danette Mckay writes about this and many other subjects. Read more about photo printing
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