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By: Danette Mckay
Sony is a well known and established brand name in consumer electronics and especially in digital cameras. Sony is famous for many successful digital camera models and the sony alpha dslra350 seems like yet another candidate for such fame. The new Sony digital SLR camera the sony alpha dslra350 sports a large number of features but is easy to use through its buttons and clear menu options.

The sony alpha dslra350 is a feature rich high end camera with a reasonable price tag of less than eight hundred dollars. Sony has crammed featured that are usually not seen in that price point like fantastic image stabilization.

The sony alpha dslra350 uses a 14 mega pixels image sensor which is more mega pixels that would you probably need for any enlargements prints that you can think of. The camera uses a modern live preview on its color high quality LCD screen. Live preview is a feature only available in new high end digital SLR cameras that allows taking photos by looking at the LCD instead of through the viewfinder. By Sony did not stop there. The LCD screen can also tilt allowing for photo shooting at difficult angles.

The sony alpha dslra350 auto focus is designed for speed and allows capturing the right moments without waiting for the focus. The camera can also take photos at great speeds of up to 2 photos per second. The sony alpha dslra350 implements expanded sensitivity allowing taking photos in darker situations with an equivalent ISO of 3200. With high ISO sensitivity comes the problem of noise. The sony alpha dslra350 solves this by sophisticated noise reduction algorithm executed by its photo processor.

One of the most interesting features of the sony alpha dslra350 is its image stabilization. There are two methods of image stabilizers one optically implemented in the lens and the other implemented in the camera body CCD component. The sony alpha dslra350 uses the latter which means that any lens that you mount on the camera automatically benefits from image stabilization.

Like many other digital SLR cameras the sony alpha dslra350 also sports an anti dust feature that automatically cleans the CCD from any dust. The camera utilizes two anti dust techniques one by using special anti static coating on its CCD and the other by ultra sonic vibrations.

The sony alpha dslra350 includes a built in flash for taking photos in dark scenes. For high quality professional photos however it is better to use a high end external flash that can be easily mounted on the digital camera.

Watching large digital photo files on any camera or on a computer can be time consuming. Loading each photo can take time due to the large file and the large number of mega pixels. The sony alpha dslra350 solves this problem by automatically creating thumbnails for all digital photos. The thumbnails quality and file size can be set.

One good decision that Sony has made with the sony alpha dslra350 is to support many media formats and not only the Sony famous memory stick. With the sony alpha dslra350 you can use a memory stick but you can also use the cheaper yet bigger compact flash.
Danette Mckay explains more about many subjects on super steadyshot image stabilization
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