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By: Danette Mckay
Digital camera prices vary from cheap to very expensive from $100 to thousands and more. Digital SLR cameras start at $500 and usually when fully accessorized reach four digit prices. The Olympus Evolt E510 supports features found in four digit priced cameras in under $650.

The Olympus Evolt E510 for a price of less than $650 has two features that are usually just found in high end cameras. The Olympus Evolt E510 sports an image stabilizer and live LCD view. Image stabilization allows taking photos in situation where camera movements are unavoidable. The camera uses a special electro-mechanical mechanism that compensates for camera movements and provides a stable projection of the photo on the camera CCD sensor. When taking photos using high zoom lenses every camera movement ends up in a blurry photo. In such cases the photographer can greatly benefit from having an image stabilizer enabled digital camera like the Olympus Evolt E510.

Digital cameras implement image stabilization in two ways. Most cameras use an electro-mechanical mechanism in the shape of a gyro and a floating optical element installed inside the lens. The gyro follows camera movements and moves the floating optical element in such a way to compensate for every movement. Another way to implement image stabilization is simply called IS and is implemented inside the camera body. An electro-mechanical mechanism moves the cameras CCD sensor to compensate for any camera movement. There are pros and cons for each method however when considering pricing the in-body image stabilization system has a big advantage. Since it is implemented in the camera body and not embedded in the lens it can work with any lens that is mounted on the camera. This means that every simple lens turns into an image stabilization enabled lens at no additional cost.

Another feature found in the Olympus Evolt E510 is live LCD viewing. SLR cameras us a single lens reflex mechanism. In other words with digital SLR cameras a small mirror controls the path that light coming through the lens travels.

The mirror has two positions one sends the light to the viewfinder and the other sends the light to the CCD photo sensor. The light is sent to the CCD sensor when the shutter is squeezed.

This single mirror design results in digital SLR cameras not having the ability to display live photo on its LCD screen. In other words in order to take a photo the photographer must user the viewfinder and can not use the LCD screen. Although in many cases this is ok sometimes using the LCD is better for example to take overhead photos holding the digital camera overhead looking at the LCD. The Olympus Evolt E510 does allow live LCD viewing. The Olympus Evolt E510 uses technology with which light traveling through the lens is split two ways a small portion goes to the CCD for live LCD view and the rest goes to the regular optical view finder for traditional usage. Having the option to use the LCD to take photos allows taking digital photos without being close to the camera and composing in situation where the viewfinder is useless.

The Olympus Evolt E510 has many other features making digital photography easier. Such features include powerful dust reduction system that cleans the camera sensors by emitting an ultra sonic wave, a quick focusing system and 10 megapixels image CCD sensor.
Danette Mckay writes about this and many other subjects. Read more about digital slrs engineered to be
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