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By: Danette Mckay
Digital camcorders are able to produce high quality videos for an affordable low price. There is no doubt that digital camcorder have many advantages over the old tape analog camcorders. The Panasonic PV GS320 is a digital camcorder with many such advantages.

Camera movement is not a problem with still photography as the nature of still photography suggests digital cameras are design to capture a still moment and not movement. High shutter speeds and other technologies compensate for the small movements during shooting a still photo. Taking Videos on the other inherently involves camera movements– both the photographer and the objects move as the video capturing the movements is taken. Professional video photographers can compensate for unwanted movements and capture stable videos. Amateur video photographers do not know how to stabilize the camera and usually their videos are unstable with sharp camera movements and jitter. Amateur photographers can thus gain a lot from the digital camcorders image stabilizers that automatically compensate or movement and result in smoother and more professionally looking videos.

The Panasonic PV GS320 uses a 3 CCD system for capturing color. Low end cheaper camcorders use only one CCD to capture video. A One CCD system does not provide the same color reproduction quality and image clarity as a 3 CCD system does. In a 3 CCD system each CCD captures one color element that is optically filtered and thus color depth and richness is much better.

Here are some general tips for using a digital camcorder like the Panasonic PV GS320. Digital camcorders are heavier and bigger than still digital cameras are (there are light tiny digital cameras but usually they do not produce high quality videos and are not good for more than just capturing a memory). A comfortable carrying bag is something that you would want to have to put on your shoulders when carrying a digital camcorder for a long time. Carrying a digital camcorder is a nuisance but the great videos are worth it.

Digital video photography is not different than any other photography like still photography. Paying attention to composition and lighting is the fundamental necessity in order to take good videos. Try to avoid sudden movements and zoom changes. Digital videos should be smooth and zoom should changes should be slow.

Digital camcorders run on a power source that is finite. Digital camcorders can consume a lot of power and since they are use continuously for long periods their battery can run dry fast. Batteries can last from less than an hour to a few hours it all depends on the digital camcorder and your usage. The Panasonic PV GS320 battery can last up to 5 hours but it would be a mistake to rely on that as actual battery time can greatly change depending on how you use the camcorder for example lots of zoom changes consume a lot of energy and so does viewing videos on the LCD screen. Having spare batteries with you is a good idea.

Digital camcorders do not just take videos they also capture audio. The Panasonic PV GS320 like many other modern digital camcorders has a sensitive microphone. Be careful not to capture a lot of ambient noise. For example block the microphone from high winds.
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