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By: Danette Mckay
Digital photos can be used in many new and exciting ways. Not limited to a physical form like analog film prints, digital photos can be placed in any device that has memory and a screen. Digital photo frames are dedicated devices for displaying digital photos. The digital photo keychain is a unique digital photo frame that is small enough to fit in your pocket or to simply by dangling from your keychain. The Coby DP-151 1.5" can replace the small photos people used to carry in their wallet. Unlike a wallet which is limited to just a few photos a digital keychain can carry tens and sometimes hundreds or more photos depending on the amount of built-in memory and its cost.

The basics of a digital photo keychain are very similar to digital photo frames. The digital keychain is an small LCD screen with electronics attached to hit that can store and display photos on the screen. You can load digital photos onto the keychain memory and its software allows different ways for photos to be displayed on its LCD screen. Unlike digital photo frames keychain photo frames usually have built-in memory and no slot for memory cards. The reason is that with their small form factor there is no sense to supporting memory cards. Also – since they usually have a very small screen they can store a large number of photos without the need for a lot of memory (small resolution LCD screen means smaller digital photo files).

Digital photo keychain need to survive in a harsh environment. Being thrown in the pocket next to keys means that their design should be extra robust, that their LCD should be scratches resistance as much as possible and that their plastic casing should withstand pressure and not crack easily.

The price of digital photo keychains varies. The main component that determines the digital photo keychain is the LCD that is used. Since digital photo keychains are small in nature the LCD screens that they use is small too and relatively cheap. Also because of the small LCD screen the digital photo files stored on the keychain are small and thus the memory requirement is low. You can buy a good digital photo keychain for less than $20.

The Coby DP-151 1.5 inches digital photo keychain uses a 1.5 inches LCD screen with a resolution of 128 pixels by 128 pixels. The Coby DP-151 comes with software that you should install on your computer and that allows easy transfer of photos from your PC hard drive to the digital keychain. The software also automatically resizes the digital photos to the minimum needed for the Coby DP-151 1.5 inches screen in order to save space. The Coby DP-151 memory capacity is about 60 digital photos. Digital photos formats that are supported: JPEG, GIF and BMP. The Coby DP-151 connects to a computer using a standard USB connection. The Coby DP-151 is powered by lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

One thing to be careful about with digital photo keychains is scratches. Although the LCD used in digital photo keychains are supposed to be scratch resistant they can only bear so much and if you are going to carry the digital photo keychain in your pocket next to your keys on a daily basis you are more than likely to end up scratching it.
Danette Mckay explains about this subject in more depth at penguins
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