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By: Danette Mckay
Digital cameras have open the door for many new and exciting applications. In the old days people used to carry small photo prints of their loved ones in their wallet which could only fit a few photos. With the of Coby DP-151 1.5" and other digital photo keychains you can carry tens and hundreds of photos with you every where.

Digital photo keychain are very similar to digital photo frames. While digital photo frames replace viewing photo prints on the desk, on a shelf or on the wall digital photo keychains replace carrying small photo prints in your wallet.

A digital photo keychain is simply a small LCD screen with a micro computer attached to it that allows loading photos and displaying photos. The digital photo keychain is designed to be light and small and its industrial design is usually very simple and LCD with the minimum plastic frame around it. It is designed to be robust and stand the harsh environment of a keychain thrown in a pocket, on the table, withstand scratches and so on.

Digital photo keychains vary in price but since they use a small LCD screen they are relatively cheap. You can get a good one for $20 or less. Models are different in screen size, battery type, battery life, memory capacity and more.

Coby DP-151 1.5" digital photo keychain has a 1.5 LCD 128 by 128 pixels screen. Small LCD screens also mean smaller resolution and thus smaller digital photo files. Most digital photo keychains come with software that can downsize your digital photos in order to squeeze more photos into the keychain memory. The Coby DP-151 1.5 can hold about 60 photos and decode popular formats like JPG, GIF and BMP. A USB interface is used to connect the Coby DP-151 1.5" to a computer.

As with any other portable electronic device a digital photo keychain is powered by a battery. In Coby DP-151 1.5 case the battery used is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

A digital photo keychain like the Coby DP-151 1.5" can be a great gift idea. Instead of just buying it, wrapping it up and giving it as a gift you could take a moment to personalize it. For example if you plan to buy the Coby DP-151 1.5" as a gift to your tennis partner you can preload it with photos from some of your last matches, tennis tours or maybe photos of your favorite tennis players. Then wrap it up again and give it as a gift. This would be an excellent gift as it is both personalized and has an emotional value but is also practical as your partner can then load any other photos he would like to carry with him.

One problem with keychain digital photo frames are scratches. Although many manufacturers claim to use scratch resistant LCD screens you should be careful and handle this device with care. For example putting it in your pocket next to your keys is not a good idea as keys can easily scratch the LCD screen. In many ways this device should be treated as a cell phone device it is rigid enough to use but yet fragile that you do need to be aware of how you handle it.
Danette Mckay explains about this subject in more depth at coby 1.5-inch digital photo keychain (white)
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