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By: Danette Mckay
Minolta digital cameras is less known than Canon or Sony cameras but Minolta makes a series of high quality well priced digital cameras that can not be ignored. The minolta is one of them.

The minolta sports functional and expandable features that provides the flexibility you need at most lighting and composition scenarios. The minolta for example can not only take great still digital photos but it can also take video clips including video and audio. Unlike many other digital cameras which only allow capturing of short video clips the minolta allows you to take video clips as long as there is still memory available on the memory card to store them.

The minolta uses a 3.2 mega pixels CCD sensor delivering images of a resolution up to 2048 pixels by 1536 pixels. Such a 3.2 mega pixels CCD resolution can support good quality photo prints of up to 11 inches by 14 inches in size. Although the minolta has a very small form factor and is one of the smallest and thinnest at only 0.8 inches digital camera on the market it can achieve up to 3 times optical zoom thanks to Minolta folded zoom technology.

The 3 times optical zoom uses Minolta unique folded zoom technology thanks to which it can fit in a 0.8 inches thick digital camera. The 3 times optical zoon is equivalent to a 37 to 111 millimeter lens mounted on a 35mm film or full CCD camera. The minolta also has a 4 times digital zoom combined with the optical zoom the minolta can zoom up to 12 times to take photos of objects farther away. The minolta does not compromise macro photography either. It can take close up photos from as close as 5.9 inches.

The minolta stores digital photos on two types of memory cards the SD secured digital card or the MMC multimedia memory card. The minolta also supports a USB connection to a personal computer Mac or Windows based. Using the USB digital photos can be easily copy from the digital camera memory card to the computer hard disk.

The minolta USB can also be used to set the camera into video conferencing mode. In this mode the camera acts as a web cam. Using any standard video conferencing software the camera can be used to provide a video feed into the video conference.

The minolta comes fully equipped with a large number of accessories right out of the box. It includes a recharging base station to recharge the camera batteries USB cables hand strap and more.

The minolta is one of the fastest response digital cameras at its price range. Slow response time is a problem with many digital cameras. The minolta however is ready to use in just about one second from turning it on. For dark scenarios the digital camera can use a built in flash. The flash can be set to manual or automatic mode. It can also set to red eye reduction mode in which the flash sends a series of fast flash strobes before taking the actual photo in order to eliminate red eye effect.

The minolta also includes feature expected in higher end digital cameras such as sport autofocus a five point AF mode manual exposure control for either very fast or very long exposures.
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