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By: Danette Mckay
Digital photos printing is getting more and more popular. People still enjoy holding photo paper prints in their hands in addition to viewing digital photos on their computer screens. Photo prints cost money but there are ways to get them free.

Digital photos can be viewed on many devices such as computer screen special digital photo frame devices printed on mugs or mouse pads or other products. But traditionally photos were viewed printed on paper and digital photos can be printed and viewed in he same way.

Taking digital photos and displaying them on your computer screen is virtually free. For that reason people that use digital cameras tend to take more digital photos than people that use old film cameras. Digital photo prints however are not free and each print copy has a cost associated with it. If you print your photos at home then the cost is a result of the purchase price of the home photo printer and the cost of the ink and paper used for each print. For high quality photo printers and high quality photo paper this cost can add up.

Digital photos can also be printed using one of the many online services such as Snapfish and Shutterfly. When using those services the cost of the prints is much easier to calculate as you know exactly how much you are paying for each printing job that you submit. Usually the cost is a combination of the actual printing cost quoted in cents or dollars per print and the cost to ship the photo prints to you home.

Some sites offer in-store pick up like for example Walgreens in which case the cost of the digital photo prints is only the cost of the photo printing as there is no shipping cost. Other services like Snapfish offer low shipping prices or even free shipping for big photo printing orders.

Many online photo printing services also offer free printing trials. Usually the number of free prints is between twenty to fifty and most services like Snapfish would ask you to just pay for the shipping. Free trial is only available for new users and new users are usually defined by a combination of the shipping address information and the payment method they have used or in other words their credit card and name information. Although you can not print an endless number of free prints in this way you can still enjoy a large number of prints. If lets say you use free trials on ten digital photo printing web sites you can end up with somewhere between two to four hundred free prints.

Another good usage of the free digital photo prints offer is to test the quality of the photo printing service before submitting large orders. If for example you want to send a large order to Snapfish but you are not sure of their prints quality then it is best if you first submit a small printing order using their free twenty prints trial. You should send a diversified free trial printing order that includes photos in common lighting and compositions that you usually use.
Danette Mckay wrote this article. More articles and information on snapfish prints
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