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By: Danette Mckay
Sometimes when taking digital photos using a greater tele photo reach is desirable. There are two way to achieve it one is to switch and mount a completely different lens. The other is to mount what is known as a tele adapter.

Tele photo adapters are a convenient and efficient way to increase the zoom lens zoom factor. The other option to achieving the same goal is to buy a new zoom lens with a higher zoon value. Telephoto adapters are optical devices that are mounted on the current zoom lens and then raise its zoom effectiveness. Different tele photo adapters provide different added zoom. The canon wd-37 for example simply doubles the focal length of any zoom lens that it is mountable on.

The canon wd-37 is a tele converter that can be mountable on Sony digital camera such as the DCR-VC1000 and the DSR200. Mounting the tele photo adapter on the Sony cameras providers you with greater tele photo reach without needing to buy or mount a completely new lens.

The canon wd-37 fits in front of the Sony digital camera zoom lens. The way the canon wd-37 works is by instantly shifting the focal length range to the tele photo range direction. Some tele photo adapters are known as rear mounted extended. Those adapters are mounted at the rear of the lens between the digital camera body and the zoom lens. The canon wd-37 is a front mounted tele photo adapter which means it is mounted in the front of the zoom lens.

Front mounted tele photo adapters are much easier to use since mounting them can be quickly done by snapping the adapter in front of the zoom lens. On the other hand rear mounted adapters require you to first remove the zoom lens and then first mount the adapter and then mount the zoom lens back on the adapter. This process takes longer and if you need to keep switching back and forth between normal zoom lens to tele photo shifted lens it can be a tiresome process.

The canon wd-37 tele photo converter effectively doubles the zoom lens indicated focal length. This is done while not compromising light sensitivity or in other words without any light loss. Light loss is a problem with some converters. Light loss can be a big problem since zoon lens are already less sensitive to light conditions and thus further losing light sensitivity means limited ability to take photos in dark scenes.

The canon wd-37 is available in two mounting options. One is the bayonet mounting style while the other is the screw on style. The optical characteristic of the different mounting styles are the same. Choose the mounting options that you are most comfortable with.

One problem with using tele photo is camera shakings. Since the tele photo adapter increases the zoom lens zoom factor it also increases the sensitivity to camera shakings. If a specific zoom lens could have been used for example without a tripod when mounting the tele photo adapter this might not be the case anymore.
Danette Mckay explains more about many subjects on digital series teleconverter instantly
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