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By: Danette Mckay
Digital photos are not just entertainment or tools for capturing moments like birthdays or weddings. Digital photos are also commercial tools helping in the buying and selling of products. In the old days most commerce was done in person face to face. You would see the product that you were going to buy you could touch it and decide if you want to buy it and for how much.

With the proliferation of the Internet more and more commerce is done virtually. No longer do you walk down the street or drive to the mall to look at the products you are buying. With the Internet commerce is done at home using your computer by pointing and clicking on pages displayed by an Internet browser.

When shopping online the there are a few tools that help in assessing the product that you are looking at. You can ready a text description of the product read reviews from users that already own and use it and get detailed pricing and shipping information for it warranty and other specifications and details. But there is one more important tool and these are digital photos.

It was proven again and again that users tend to first look at product photos. If the product digital photos are compelling enough users go ahead and read the text based description of the product and then dig down into the specifications and other details. If the product digital photos are bad users usually just skip without bothering to read any text description of the product.

So what makes product digital photos good photos? Product digital photos are first and foremost photos and thus good product digital photos should follow the basic photography rules of lighting and composition. In addition to following the basic photography guidelines product digital photos should serve their main goal which is to provide a visual description of the product. A visual description is more than just showing how the product looks like. A visual description should convey as many of the good product attributes as possible.

For example if the product is a miniature electronic device the product digital photo should convey its size. A simple way to convey size in a digital photo is to place a known object right next to the product. For example place a quarter right next to the product and take a photo. The viewer will immediately can a feeling of the size of the product since the viewer already has a good understanding of what the size of a quarter is.

There are however more ways to use photos to emphasize features. Zooming and focusing is a great tool for bringing out special feature of a product. For example if the product is a high end dress shirt and one of the important features are the special stitches on it a high resolution digital photo that zooms in to a small portion of the stitches would be a great way to visually send the viewer the message that the stitches are important and to show how special they are.
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