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By: Danette Mckay
If you ever wanted to print your digital photos but have not done so because you feared that it was just too complicated to do than you were simply wrong. Nowadays printing digital photos is an easy task.

As opposed to old analog film cameras for which you had to develop negatives and print photos new digital cameras allow you to enjoy the digital photos that you take without printing them. You can enjoy the digial photos right off your digital camera by viewing them on the camera small color LCD screen. A better way would be to transfer the digital photos to your computer and view them on the computer bigger high resolution color LCD screen.

Another way is to buy a special digital photo frame which is a device dedicated to the display of digital photos. Place this device on your desk or shelf or hang it on the wall. The digital photo frame can be preloaded with digital photos or have them stream in real time from the computer. Either way it is a great way to display your digital photos without the need to print them.

But sometimes holding a printer photo paper is preferred as although all the new electronics and hi tech gadgets there is no replacement to feeling a photo paper in your hand being able to fold it play with it and hand it over to someone else.

There are a few ways in which you can print your digital photos. They vary in complexity speed and price. One way is to simply print digital photos at home. In order to do that you will need a home printer. Any standard home printer can be used for printing digital photos but those printers were designed for printing documents and charts and thus the quality of photos printed on them is low. Moreover such printers use normal light paper that does not provide that wanted feeling of holding a real photo in your hand.

A better alternative for home printing is buying a home photo printer. Photo printers were designed to print photo. They use a special photo paper which is similar to the familiar old paper on which old film based photos were printed. Home photo printers however can be very expensive and slow. The paper itself and the ink for those printers are expensive too. So if you need to print a large number of photos a home photo printer is usually not the best solution.

The easiest way to print digital photos is by using an online photo printing service. This is the easiest and cheapest way. You never need to leave your home. Simply choose to use one of the dozens of online photo printing services. To print your photos simply upload the photos to the photo printing web site using their site tools. The next thing is to fill out an order form letting the site know the print size the number of prints and some other options. Fill in your payment information and click Submit and you are done. The photos are printed using the photo printing service high end industrial color photo printers and are mailed to your home. Depending on the service and the shipping options you can get the photos as quick as the next day or as slow as a week or two.
Danette Mckay wrote this article. More articles and information on get free digital photo printing, developing & sharing | photo prints prices and reviews
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