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By: Danette Mckay
The Olympus evolt e510 is a camera that gets much more kind and good words than criticism. Another great product from Olympus the Olympus evolt e510 is packed with features that are hard to find in other similarly priced cameras.

Digital SLR cameras prices like the Olympus evolt e510 start at 500 dollars and go up as you cram more features into the camera and choose higher end lenses. The Olympus evolt e510 is packed with features that are seen only in cameras that cost 1000 dollars and more yet the e510 cost less than 600 dollars.

What are these features? Here are two that are very unique at the Olympus evolt e510 price point. Image stabilization is one feature. The evolt 510 implements image stabilization in the camera body and not in the lens. This implementation has its advantages and disadvantages but it is a great choice for the e510 price point. Since the image stabilizer is implemented in the camera body it can be used with any lens. In other word no matter what lens you choose to mount on the camera you will be able to enjoy the image stabilization feature. Image stabilization can also be implemented by using a mechanical gyro mechanism implemented inside the lens itself. While it has its advantages its biggest disadvantage is cost. Such implementation is more expensive and also means that any lens mounted that does not have an image stabilizer in it will not enjoy image stabilization.

Image stabilization is an important feature if you plan to use high value zoom lenses. When taking high zoom photos every small camera movement is translated to a large movement of the photo projected on the camera CCD and thus the result of every such movement is a blurred photo. Image stabilization solves this by automatically compensating for such movement and thus virtually eliminating them.

The second great feature in the Olympus 510 is what is known as live LCD view. Digital SLR cameras use a single lens reflex mechanism. In other word a mirror sends the light from the lens to either the viewfinder or the camera CCD when the shutter is pressed. For that reason digital SLR forces the photographer to use the view finder for digital photo composition. Unlike pocket cameras that allow using the LCD to compose photos with digital SLR the LCD is used only for browsing the camera menus and setup and for post viewing photos that were already taken.

New digital SLR cameras solved the problem by either including another small CCD built-into the viewfinder or by implementing a mechanism that diverts a small portion of the light to the CCD while most of the light still goes to the viewfinder. Regardless of the implementation the result is that with such Digital SLR cameras you can use the LCD to preview photos and compose digital photos.

Live LCD view is usually found in high end expensive camera but the Olympus evolt e510 surprises again as it sports this feature as well as many other features in a low and affordable price.
This article and more are from Danette Mckay who is an expert in his field. 100percent digital simply put provides more in depth information.
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