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By: Danette Mckay
Taking photos can be fun but sometimes it can also serve a real purpose. One such case is when selling or renting our your home. Taking and posting digital photos of your home can help you sell it or rent it faster and for more money.

Most likely your home will be listed on one or more online directories. All listings include one or more photos of the listed home and the first impression that a buyer will have is from those photos. If the photos are bad the potential buyer is likely to just skip to the next listing without reading a single word that you wrote. If the photos are eye catching the buyer is likely to read through the listing and check it out even if it is not completely what he was looking for.

Home photos are digital photos and like any other digital photo the two most important things to focus on are composition and lighting. Daylight is the best lighting source and the best time to take photos is early in the morning or later in the afternoon when the sun light is not too bright. This is true for both interior and exterior photos. You should avoid using the flash as much as possible.

Take as many photos as needed to cover the complete home. Remember to take photos that emphasize the unique qualities of the home. Take both zoom in and zoom out photos to both give perspective of the home but also to show specific things in more details. For example if there is some unique decoration on the wall take a zoom photo of it.

It is important that you clean and organize the home before taking the photos. Photos of a house with clothes thrown on the floor and dirty dishes on the kitchen counter are bad. The home should look like someone is living in it so it is more alive but it should look clean and shiny to it conveys a message of new and expensive.

It is better to take photos of the home with furniture in it. Empty homes look cold and it is hard for most viewers to imagine the size and how the home would look like with furniture. A home with furniture on the other hand allows the viewer to imagine him living in the home to imagine the different sizes of the home and so on.

Exterior photos should follow the same rules. Clean the back and front yards. Clean the driveway and get rid of the trash cans. As for the car it is usually better to take photos without any car in the driveway so that it would not block portions of the home. However when taking photos of the garage it is usually better to take two photos one with the car and one without the car parked. The reason is that on one hand you would like to show the space and what is in the garage but on the other hand you want the viewer to know how many cars can fit in the garage and how much spare is there when the car is parked. This is best conveyed by simply taking a photo of the car parked in the garage.
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