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By: Danette Mckay
Snapfish is a well know established photo printing service. Snapfish now owned by HP has millions of active users and provides a large variety of printing products.

There are different reviews on Snapfish. Like any other online service used by millions there are users that love it and users that hate it. Reality is that Snapfish is a good service for most amateur photographers. It is not a service for professional photographers or artists. It is not a service for printing all your wedding photos but it is a great service if you need to print your last birthday or trip photos.

Snapfish focuses on both quality and price. While not the cheapest service on the market Snapfish is by all accounts affordable and priced low. Snapfish offer much more than just photo paper prints. For example using the service you can upload and share your photos with other users for free.

Snapfish is a one stop shop when it comes to photo printing. It supports both film and digital photos. You can send your film to Snapfish for development and printing or you can upload digital photos directly from your web browser and order paper prints. You can create and customize scrapbooks and order them for you or as a gift to someone else.

Snapfish also sells many other products than just paper prints. For example you can print your photos on a coffee mug and have it shipped to you. This is a great gift to a family member or a friend or just a nice thing to have yourself.

There were some complaints on the market about two aspects of the Snapfish service. One is customer service. Many users find Snapfish customer service to be of low quality. For example there are many complaints on the Internet of users that tried to contact Snapfish customer service over email and have simply never received any reply from them. The other complaint about the Snapfish service is paper prints color adjustment. It is hard to tell if these complaints are true or not as Snapfish handles a very large quantity of prints it is bound to have a small number of unhappy users.

Owned by HP it is not surprising that Snapfish uses HP machines and paper. The photo prints are printed on high quality HP paper and we can only assume that HP printers are also used.

As with any other online service it is recommended to use your credit card to order the service. If the photo prints come out wrong and it is hard to deal with customer service to get them either fixed or refunded you can always dispute the charge on your credit card and get your money back this way.

Using Snapfish photo sharing service is free and also allows the other viewers to order prints and other products. For example if you just had a birthday you can upload your birthday photos to Snapfish and then send the link to your birthday Snapfish album to everybody who participated. They can view the photos on their computer screen and if they want order prints or other products with printed photos on them like coffee mugs or mouse pads.
Danette Mckay writes about this and many other subjects. Read more about snapfish
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