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By: Danette Mckay
Photo printing can be a fun experience. You can print your digital photos at home or you can electronically send them to an online photo printing service. If you decide to do the latter you should make sure that you choose a photo printing service that has good customer service.

Like any other service online or retail sometimes things go wrong. In most cases printing digital photos using an online service is easy and straightforward. You will not need to talk to any live person simply load your digital photos using a web browser or an FTP service choose the paper size and a few more settings enter your credit card and shipping information and you are done.

Sometimes however things go wrong. There are many things that can go wrong your photos can get lost in the mail or the color adjustments made by the photo printing service might be bad rendering the prints useless. In such cases you will need to contact the service customer service in order to solve the problem. Contacting customer service these days is usually done over email or live chat. This is where picking a photo printing service that has good customer service is important.

What makes customer service good? The answer is simple a good customer service will promptly solve your problem to your satisfaction. Many email based customer service guarantee a twenty four hour response time. While a reasonable commitment this can be too long for many inquiries that require a few iterations. Some better customer services offer a first response within twenty four hours but subsequent emails related to the same customer service inquiry are processed much faster usually within an hour or two.

Sometimes the fastest way to solve a problem is by talking to a live person customer service. Many photo printing services cut on costs by not offering such phone base support. Some do support phone based support but make it hard for users to find the phone number they need to call by for example making it available only on the order receipt email but nowhere else on its website. Live customer service quality also varies a lot. Good customer service person would be able to help you promptly and will be knowledgeable with access to your account and the authority to solve your problem. It is unfortunate that many customer services today simply can not help the user. They lack the authority to do so they lack the knowledge to understand what the user problem is or they simply quote irrelevant rigid company policies that prohibits any solution.

Generally speaking there is a better change that a bigger older service will have better customer service than new and small one. Also most likely the cheapest service customer service will be relatively poor since the company can not afford quality customer service and will usually simple offshore its customer service to some cheap low quality service provider.

When deciding where to print your digital photos make sure to factor in the quality of the customer service. This is especially true if you plan to print large quantities or if you are very sensitive to the prints quality. Read reviews of users that had to deal with the printing service customer service and check what their experience was like.
Danette Mckay writes about this and many other subjects. Read more about photo printing prices reading reviews compare dozens digital
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