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By: Danette Mckay
The MiniDV digital video format captures digital video clips taken by modern digital camcorders. The digital format is superior relative to the old analog. New digital camcorders produce great quality videos but also have many other benefits over analog tape camcorders. The Canon XL2 3CCD is a high end digital camcorder that uses the MiniDV.

Some technical specifications for the Canon XL2 3CCD: The Canon XL2 3CCD weights 5.3 pounds and is pretty big at 8.9 inches by 8.7 by 19.5. It uses 3 CCD sensors to capture color each sensor capture one primary color. It captures NTSC 525 lines 30 frames per second videos.

The Canon XL2 3CCD uses a 20 times optical zoom lens that also sports an image stabilizer feature. Image stabilizers are special electro-mechanical devices that are install in zoom lenses. There are basically two types of image stabilizer one that moves the CCD sensor in the body of the camera and another one that actually uses gyroscopes in the lens to move a floating optical element that compensates for shakings. The latter is more expensive and provides better results. The Canon XL2 3CCD uses an in-lens gyro based image stabilizer.

Taking moving digital videos involves camera movements. With still photography small camera movements are not a problem since with still photography the fast shutter speed compensates for most movement. Digital videos include camera movements by definition as they are live moving pictures both the photographer and the objects he is video taping move when the video is being shot. Professional video camera men know how to smoothly move the camera and how to get stable digital videos. On the other hand amateur photographers tend to shake and move the video camcorder in a way that produces jitter and bad videos. For such amateur photographers using the Canon XL2 3CCD would make producing stable videos a breeze. The Canon XL2 3CCD in-lens gyro based image stabilizer can smoothen the videos at any zoom value and compensate for most camera movements.

The Canon XL2 3CCD uses a 3 CCD sensor system to capture the video colors. Cheaper digital camcorders use a single CCD sensor to capture video. One CCD sensor can capture color but for physical limitations the quality of the color is not as good. With a 3 CCD sensor system each CCD sensor captures one color element that is optically filtered. It produces uncompromised rich and vivid colors.

The Canon XL2 3CCD digital camcorder is pretty heavy at 5.3 pounds. If you plan to go to long video shooting sessions you should spend money getting a high quality and comfortable carrying bag that you can carry on your shoulders for the whole day. When taking videos always pay attention to the composition and lighting stock to these two things and you will get good video shots. And last the Canon XL2 3CCD uses a lithium battery pack to power it up. Video cameras like the Canon XL2 3CCD consumers a lot of power and the power can run dry fast.
Danette Mckay writes about this and many other subjects. Read more about digital photo printing
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