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By: Danette Mckay
Digital cameras were traditionally used as a replacement for film cameras. Consumers were shooting photos, printing them and saving them in photo albums. However as time passed consumers found new ways to use digital photos. Here are a few.

The two obvious things to do with the digital photos that you take are viewing and printing. Viewing is usually done on a computer screen while printing can be done at home, using an online photo printing service or in a local photo printing store. There are some other ways to use and enjoy digital photos here are a few ideas:

Desktop photo wallpaper: The desktop is a very good place to display photos on. The wallpaper is viewed many times a day in those idle times or when you just go to or leave the computer. Choose a photo that you like and set it as your desktop wallpaper photo. You can get more sophisticated and use software that allows you to choose a list of photos to rotate through as your desktop wallpaper: The rotation can be done on a time basis changing the photo every X minutes or it can be done randomly (the photo is changed to a randomly chosen one every X minutes).

Photos in your screen saver: An idle computer screen can behave in different ways: it can go into standby mode by turning itself off or it can show a photo in full screen or floating around the screen. You can set your screen saver to display a photo that you like this way each time you are not using your computer it practically turns into a picture frame for you to enjoy. Some more sophisticated screen saver software allows you to choose a list of photos to rotate through as your screen saver. The photos can rotate randomly, on a time basis or in many other ways.

Digital photo frames Digital photo frames are the digital era photo frame electronic devices. Old photo frames had a single paper print that was inserted inside a frame, usually wooden, that you hung on the wall, put on your desk or on a shelf. Digital photo frames use an electronic LCD screen that allows you to display different digital photos at different times, use special fading and other effects and more. Digital photo frames can receive the photos wirelessly from your desktop, load them from a memory card or store them in built-in memory. Digital photo frame can work in different mode for example they can rotate through a list of photos either randomly or by order, they can create fade-in and fade-out effects and more.

Photos in cell phones: Nowadays most cell phones sport a nice color screen. They also include cameras for still photos and short video clips. Cell phones can store photos and set them as their wallpaper. You can choose a photo that you like, download it to your cell phone and set it as your cell phone wallpaper. This way you can carry memories with you and even share that photo with people that you meet.
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