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By: Danette Mckay
Digital cameras prices vary tremendously. Low level good cameras can cost around $100 while high end professional cameras can reach 5 digits price levels. Four digit prices are a must when you are looking for a DSLR camera with an image stabilizer and a live LCD view at least they were a must until the Olympus Evolt E510.

For a price under $650 the Olympus Evolt E510 has it all. Two features that it has that are worth mentioning and are very hard to find for such a price are image stabilization and a live LCD view.

Image stabilization is rare to find in an entry level digital SLR camera. In a nutshell image stabilization is a mechanical mechanism that compensates for camera movements. Image stabilization is especially useful when using zoom lenses as every tine camera movement can result in a blurry photo.

There are two way to implement image stabilization. One way is known as optical image stabilization or OIS and it is implemented by a floating optical lens inside the main lens that by using a gyro mechanism moves against the camera movements in order to compensate and stabilize the image. The second way is know as just image stabilization or IS and it uses an electro-mechanical mechanism that moves the image sensor in the camera body to compensate for movements. The advantages of the IS system is that you can use any lens and benefit from stabilization while with OIS each lens you use must support image stabilization. If for example you are using 5 different lenses with OIS you will need to buy the feature five times. Olympus Evolt E510 uses IS which means you can use any Olympus Evolt E510 compatible lens and enjoy image stabilization benefits.

Another great feature is the live LCD view. To understand what that means you will need to understand what SLR cameras are. SLR stands for single lens reflex. Digital SLR cameras use a small mirror to control where the image coming through the lens is projected. The two options are the view finder when composing the photo and the CCD sensor when pushing the shutter button to actually take the photo. Because of this mechanical design DSLR cameras normally can not show a live photo on their LCD and the LCD becomes solely a post photo viewer. The Olympus Evolt E510 supports a live LCD view. With that technology the light coming through the lens is actually split a small portion goes to the CCD for live LCD view and the rest to the regular optical view finder. Having a live LCD view allows taking photos without being close to the camera and composing in situation that otherwise composing a photo would be impossible.

The Olympus Evolt E510 also sports other great feature like a powerful dust reduction system that automatically cleans the sensors using an ultra sonic wave, quick focusing system, 10 megapixels image sensor and more. But there is n doubt that the two biggest surprises at its price range are the image stabilizer and the live LCD view.
Danette Mckay wrote this article. More articles and information on help evolve as photographer only olympus digital slrs
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